Surprise Eco-Beauties! We have a super special blog post for Y'all this week! Today is the first day of October (in case you hadn't realized), and everyone is preparing for the spookiest holiday of the year: Halloween! Houses are being spookified, kids and adults alike are searching for creepy costumes, and who could forget the time-honored tradition of receiving delicious candy?! It's bound to be a month of scary fun!


But, as some may know, October is also the month dedicated to a cause a little more serious and just as scary as Halloween itself. October is known for being the month to spread awareness of the life threatening disease Breast Cancer. Did you know that one in every eight women will be diagnosed with Breast Cancer in her lifetime? And, even though it is rare, men can also be affected by this disease. It is estimated that 220,000 women will be diagnosed with cancer in the US alone this year, and more than 40,000 will die. Talk about something scarier than a monster hiding under your bed. These numbers are too high for comfort and it breaks the hearts of many every year. 


Recently, here at the Untitled Thoughts team, this disease has affected our own family. My aunt who also happens to be Brittani's step-mom, Karen, was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. It was a big shock to us. You really never expect someone so close to be affected by it. Thankfully, doctors caught it early, an occurrence that many other women don't luck into,  unfortunately.


This got Brittani and myself thinking. What could we do to help spread awareness? What could we do to show those who are fighting this battle that they are not fighting alone? I mean, Untitled Thoughts is a small fish, so what could we even do that might make an impact in anyway? This is when we both put our heads together and came up with the #NoOneFightsAlone project. Our goal is to show all those with breast cancer that they are not alone in their fight, and we are here to show our support! This project has been a month in the making and now we are ready to share it with you all! 50% of all the proceeds from each item in our #NoOneFightsAlone collection will be donated directly to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc., and 10% of the proceeds from all other items in the shop will also be donated.. Our goal is to raise $1000 (or more!) to donate by the end of October. Brittani designed a unique dress for each of her models to wear and each girl got to choose a person in her life to name the dress after who may have been affected by cancer. Be sure to check out each girl's story by clicking on their image below.


       Ana Lucia Dress         Dotty Dress         Min Dress 


                                      Sonaly Dress         Josie Dress       


Karen Bracelet


Feel free to show your support by using the #NoOneFightsAlone tag on your Instagram or Facebook. Help us spread the word for this amazing cause! 

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