Getting Lost in a Moment

I am finally home-sweet-home my Eco-Beauties! Although, a part of me wishes I was still out in the lovely woods sipping on a nice cup of coffee and enjoying the sounds of nature. Alas, I have arrived home and now I get to tell you all the tales of my weekend adventure. And let me tell you, there were lots of fun and crazy things we did! The guys were a little more crazy then I was at least haha. 

Let's start with the night of our arrival, which was more about getting everything set up and settling in. The real fun started at 5:30 in the morning (yes, you read that right, 5:30 AM). I myself am most certainly not a morning person, especially that early, but when my boyfriend dragged me out of bed to go outside and look up at the night's sky, I was eternally grateful and didn't regret losing a few extra hours of sleep. I can attest that I personally take the stars for granted,and when you live in the city, you can't see them as well because of the lights and city smog in the air. You just simply don't look up as often because you don't see many stars, but that night was different. When he told me to look up, there were thousands of bright glowing stars in the night's sky. We stargazed for a while and my boyfriend pointed out some of the constellations, mainly the big and little dipper. Eventually, we went back to bed and woke up a couple of hours later to another amazing view. We really didn't realize how perfect our location was until we walked out the camper that morning. ​


We were right on the lake, the fog sitting just above the water's edge with the crisp, fresh air kissing us good morning. We even saw a little baby alligator (again!) swimming around nearby! I decided to make a big breakfast that morning with fluffy pancakes, whipped cream, crispy bacon, scrambled eggs, and sausage! (oh, and  who could forget the coffee!) It definitely felt like you needed a nap after all that yummy food!​

Instead of a nap, though, we got ready for our first hike of the day! We trekked a short one to the river for a morning of fun in the water. It was about 2 1/2 miles through the woods before we finally arrived, but the funniest part was that Jax knew the way! He led us through the trails and to the river with no issues or hesitation! He must have memorized it from the previous times we had visited. The water was a little chilly, but the longer we were in, the better it seemed to feel. Of course, the guys had to go and do some crazy stunts because.....well.... they are guys! They went and climbed a cliff and I bet you can guess what they did- they jumped right off it's edge into the river! Thankfully those goofballs only did it once!​

It was so wonderful and calming to spend some time in the cool waters. We definitely soaked up as much time in the river as we could knowing that the cold weather would prevent us from doing so on our next adventure here. We even took some time to teach Jax to swim. He absolutely loves the water (when he can touch the ground, that is). He just needs to build some confidence with swimming on his own. Maybe next summer we will buy him a little doggie life jacket and teach him the doggie paddle. Hey, the name had to come from somewhere, right?

On the hike back, we made our way to this beautiful tree that had fallen some time ago that we usually cross for a little thrill, but we quickly found out that the tree was even more unsafe then in the past. This time, I noticed that it was really slippery and dry rotted when I tried to cross it. I had to be incredibly careful as parts of the tree would crumble from under my feet- one of our friends almost completely fell off! Of course, there is a much safer spot to cross at, but there is just something about crossing this tree that has been exciting and has become almost a sort of tradition to us. Next time, we may need to opt for the safer route, though.

Once we got back to the camp Jax and I knocked out for a little nap (no judging- I did wake up at 5!). When I woke up, we continued to relax and hang out. While relaxing, we heard a big splash from in the water close to the campsite. Turns out that the little baby gator we had seen earlier continued to hang around and wound up saving us by catching and eating a water moccasin! That is a very poisonous water snake down here in Louisiana. I quietly high-fived our scaley hero in my head before heading off to prepare for our second hike of the day! This one was really exciting as we decided to embark on trails we had never taken before and simply allowed ourselves to get lost in the woods. We went whichever way Jax wanted to lead us and found some pretty amazing locations along the way. We happened upon cliffs and secret lookouts to the river. I guess Robert Frost was right about taking the "road less traveled," seeing as we we found so many little secrets along our journey. I'm pretty sure we explored over 5 miles of the “unbeaten path!”

By the time we made it back to camp, it was already dark out and time to start prepping for dinner!​ We made hot dogs and hamburgers- you know, the typical camping grub (and our veggie friends can capture this same experience by getting veggie dogs or hamburgers for their adventure in the woods!) After stuffing our bellies, it was time to make one of the things that makes camping the absolute best: a campfire! Remember those homemade fire starters I made in the last blog post? Well they sure did come in handy, and they honestly worked WAY better that I had expected, burning much longer that I initially thought they would. So now I will be saving toilet paper rolls year round to craft those magic little fire igniters!  But, what is a campfire without some s'mores? And, not to brag or anything, but I definitely made the all-time most amazing and BEST s'more of the evening!

The rest of our time spent around the campfire, the guys told silly jokes and played around, keeping the mood of the evening lighthearted and upbeat. Then, they went on a night hike (I passed on that one), before concluding our first day of camping. Unfortunately, the next morning, after we had completed another big breakfast, bad weather started to roll in. So, we scurried along to load up and head home. There is nothing worse (or more dangerous) than traveling in a storm, so we played it safe and left before we caught the worst part. Overall, our trip was fun and adventurous and full of life-- we are even trying to plan our next getaway already! Hopefully it won't rain the next time we head out. ​

So my eco-beauties, what nature adventure did you go on this following weekend? We hope you are taking advantage of this awesome fall weather! It's not to late to tag us in it and tell your story for us to share on our new Instagram @ecothoughtsblog. Just use the hashtag #ecothoughts or tag us so we can see it! Or just follow us to get some inside scoops about fun diys, upcoming projects, eco-friendly finds, and all kinds of awesomeness!


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