Take Me to the Fair!

Spring has literally sprung... right into the Summer season. It is time again for strappy dresses and comfy crop tops with shredded shorts and sandals of all sorts. Basically, it is that time in which we all struggle with balancing looking super cute and being cool enough with the perfect play between just the right amount of skin-to-clothing ratio. It's a tricky balance, one which I don't believe I won this past weekend.

My BF and I were up in Athens, GA this past weekend participating in the coveted Indie South Fair's Springtacular Event and let me tell you.... we were praying for some cloud coverage and a little breeze every now and again to pass our way. The first day I wore a fun & flirty all-over Floral dress version of RAE with a handwoven Linen belt (coming to the shop soon!) and my poor guy... he wore a long sleeved shirt under a polo and long pants. Needless to say, we were both a tad overheated and begging for air conditioning by the end of the day. 

But overall, the show was a raging success! I think I have developed a craft fair going bug. I just feel the need to participate in as many as I possibly can! We have the opportunity to meet a couple of really amazing vendors. 


There was, of course, our neighbors who, from the very beginning, were out there helping us to set up and keep us company. I mean, I couldn't even figure out how to get my tent up (such a noob move!)


Both ladies wound up purchasing some of my items, and I walked away with a beautiful set of Bird's nest earrings and a necklace from their booth. I wanted more but had to refrain! You can check out their awesome creations (all hand done) at Cat Feet Designs & Recollections Jewelry


I have to say, there is no greater feeling for me as a designer than to see my work on other people and to see their faces light up in excitement at how great they look in a design I created with my own two hands. One of the other vendors, Mary Ellen of Simply Me Collective, came in to my booth and fell head over heels for our Luna Dress. And it looked fantastic on her! Some dresses are just meant for specific people, and this dress was calling out to her. Look at how happy she is in the dress! And it totally goes with her style of design too (or at least to me it does.) She creates these really killer headbands from crochet and I managed to snag myself one! 


Overall, it was an amazingly fun weekend, one making new friends and experiencing something never before experienced. I look forward to participating in more events such as these, supporting the indie design & crafting movement as much as possible. 



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