Where did January Go?

Where did January Go?

Lately, I have been seeing so man little snippets popping up online about how January seems to feel like the longest month of the year, much of it with a less-than-thrilled tone. It seems like the general consensus is that it's too long, and drags on for too many days. 

Unpopular opinion time: I like that January feels long!

I actually enjoy it when January feels like it is dragging on at a snails pace. I feel as if I am better able to tune into what it is that I need and what it is that is important to me during this time. It's a time of slowing down and noticing the small bits and bobs that happen on the day-to-day that may feel unexceptional but are truly quite magical .

January of 2018: The goal of my year was to laugh more and play more.

In fact, I felt that this particular January went by much faster than I would have hoped it to go. It flew by in a blink to me and I have had to calm myself on more than one occasion because I can already see how fast the whole of 2020 might go with so many long term plans already mapped out on my calendar- eek!

With that in mind, I wanted to dive in and tell ya'll what I am up to this month, or at least what I hope to get accomplished!



Last month, I had the goal of finally getting a grip on my fabric stash and I am happy to report that I am making *decent* progress on that goal!

I have already had 3 weeks of destashing (first on IG, and now moved over entirely to my website HERE).

My plan is to see what I am able to sell, and anything left over I will find a new home for. I am hoping to locate either a charity or organization that offers sewing and design programs to those who otherwise might not have access to them. If I am unable to find a local program like this, I will try to find another suitable home for these fabrics where they will be the most beneficial to those receiving them. If anyone in the Georgia area happens to have suggestions, please let me know :)

I also managed to turn my linen scraps into some really beautiful linen hand towels for my home, which we desperately needed (trying to kick Arlen's love of disposable paper towel products this year as we strive to go #zerowaste).

I have now begun to turn my attention to my knit scraps! I have already busted out a very Valentine's inspired Watson Bralette by Cloth Habit and plan to make myself a TON of undies as well. We will see if I can find any other use for my knit scraps- perhaps a fun patchwork yoga set?

Arlen and I also decided to postpone our wedding until 2021. We were both just feeling a lot of stress and pressure to have it this year, and neither of us wants either of those negative emotions to surround us for something that is supposed to be a joyous occasion. So, you may not see much by way of wedding attire this year, but hopefully that is ok as I have a lot of other fun stuff currently in my sewing line of sight for this year!

This is the feeling we would like to have leading up to getting married- not a frown in sight!


Oh yes, I almost forgot that I will be releasing my second pattern of the year (yay!) on Wednesday! I am super excited about this pattern and cannot wait to release it into the sewing world and see all of your beautiful renditions :)


And lastly, this month I hope to focus on planting up my spring garden! I have been dreadfully behind the backyard renovation project, but I do have a week where I plan to really focus on getting the garden part sorted and planted up with some veggies to enjoy throughout the spring and early parts of summer.

That's all I have currently on my mind (plus a little extra, but we will get to that another day!). I'd love to hear what you all have planned for this month as well! Feel free to leave a comment below or on my IG feed and let's have a chat about the adventure that lies ahead this February!


PS- I really need to dig into my taxes for last year, which I am dreading considering I kept track of things for probably zero months of the year- yikes!


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