Spring has Sprung Early

Spring has Sprung Early

It's officially March and I honestly don't know where February went. Even with it's extra day it seems to have whizzed right on by in a quick blink, which is not what I was hoping for. I truly miss the length in which the days dragged on in January. Everything moved so slowly, so peacefully.

But alas, it is March and my sights are set forward to the upcoming spring season! Apparently, as I learned in class yesterday from @kittyalexisss , everything in Georgia is currently blooming 30 days ahead of schedule and the pollen is already starting up which explains the throbbing headache I had yesterday that slowly built until I got home and found myself wrapping my head with my homemade heating pads until it passed.

Aside from the drawbacks, and the potential that my poor plants may suffer from a late freeze in March/ April, I really am excited about the spring months! A few years ago, I probably would have even said that Spring was my favorite season (I met Arlen in the Spring, my birthday is in the Spring, Flowers and Rain come in the Spring...), and it is definitely still one of my tops (Fall has just slightly nudged itself into the winning position with the prospect of oversized sweaters, warm drinks, and cuddly fireplace fires).

Looking back on February, I accomplished a good deal, at least in my eyes! I....

  • Started the #100DayProject and have worked my way through 14/100 days with a focus on tackling some homesteading projects!
  • Switched my car insurance and started saving a TON!
  • Taught 4 classes at Topstitch Studio & Lounge
  • Published a bunch of older blog posts that I had forgotten to wrap up (yay!)
  • Began establishing some sort of routine (I'm not quite there yet 100%)
  • Switched over my email newsletter to Flodesk cuz it's beautiful and easy to use and inspiring! (PS- That's an affiliate link and will give you 50% off a subscription, only if you are looking for a new newsletter provider!)
  • Began my bi-monthly newsletter *finally*
  • Oh! I released my second pattern of the year, the Nathalie, as well!

Whew, last month packed in a lot, didn't it? So yea, I am feeling quite accomplished. But what is on my radar for March?


I always have so many more plans than I can realistically accomplish, but it doesn't generally feel discouraging, it just keeps me moving and with something to do if ever I start to feel bored!

For this month, I plan to finish up my best friends bridesmaids dress- woohoo! They have raised some challenges, but I have consistently met those challenges and worked them out for the better. Here's to hoping the girls love them when they are complete!

I have LOADS of blog posts swimming around in my mind with a focus on hacking patterns :D I LOVE seeing pattern hacks and all the different ways one pattern can create endless possibilities, so I hope to share some of those ideas with you all!

I will be working with LDH Scissors (my fav!) at the Sewing Expo from March 12-14th. I am so excited to share the amazing power of owning & working with a quality pair of scissors in regards to your sewing practice. These are by far my favorite scissors and I can't wait to spend three days gushing about all the reasons I love them oh. so. much!

And lastly, I will be working towards 4 patterns slated for release in April & May including:

  • A fun freebie for all you #zerowaste fans out there (this one will hopefully have a video as well!)
  • A brand new pattern in time for true spring!
  • The Matilda updates I've been working on for so long & finally figured out!
  • Another freebie perfect for layering and a true essential in almost every wardrobe!

And if I can find enough cloud free days to photograph my fabric stash & get that online, I will be hosting a major stash sale sometime this month as well.

Yea, I know it is a lot to work on, but I truly think that many of these items will be not only fun to work on but also hopefully add value to my life and maybe even yours.

I actually am nearly finished with reading the book Everything that Remains: A Memoir by The Minimalists and the concept of adding value has consistently popped up as the book draws to a close. I really like the notion of striving to Add Value. There is so much that we are inundated with on the daily and it can feel overwhelming and sometimes frivolous and I don't wish to add to anyone's feelings of overwhelm or stress.

Instead, I hope to produce only content that I feel will give back more than it asks for in return. I have always found joy in sharing the knowledge and tricks and inspiration and ideas I have accumulated over the years as I find that others have a new perspective and can grow those same ideas much larger than I could on my own if I simply held on tightly to them.

Here's to looking ahead at what March may bring!




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