Hello 2020, Year of Big Dreams!

Hello 2020, Year of Big Dreams!

I feel as if 2019 flew by so quickly, yet at the same time, dragged on ever so slowly. I also feel as if I say that at the end of each year. Time seems to both stand still and race by too quickly in a paradoxical sort of way.

As I was reflecting on 2019 (as I tend to do each year) I realized that I had fallen off my intended course which, ironically, was to live out the year of 2019 intentionally.

Somehow I had started off on the right path, placed one foot in front of the other, was making my way *slowly* towards what I felt was right and then all of a sudden, I woke up and it was nearly the end of the year and I was lost in a forest or something.

Somewhere throughout the course of the year, I must have stumbled over a rock and just started following a new path accidentally. I kept my head down and missed all the signs that I was being led astray. I could probably attempt to pinpoint the exact moment that things started to take a turn away from my intentions of intention for 2019, but that is besides the point. It happened and now it's 2020 and I am looking at this new year as a brilliant incentive to walk back towards my intended path!

So what is even new? So much!

For starters, my words of the year are Intention (yep, gunna make it stick this time!) and Mindfulness. I think that the reason I lost my intention was because I stopped being mindful of certain aspects of my life, and things fell woefully out of balance. My hope is that these two words will interact with each other throughout the year and light my path in the way simple Intention could not.

By the end of this week, I will have launched my FOURTH official pattern, the Chandler Pants! And I will officially be an official business- this is all legit now. Which means I will be focusing on really making my patterns the best they can be (tbh I was already doing that, but there is something different about saying that this is no longer "just a hobby" project anymore- eep!)

I also plan to come on my blog more often to share fun things with you all! They won't all be sewing or pattern related, but I hope you will enjoy the content as much as I enjoy creating it. I plan to give you all a brief update at the start of each month with my plans for the rest of the month, to not only get you all excited about what I am working on (if that's your thing!) but also to hold myself accountable and actually tick some things off my list that I have been contemplating for a long time!

Ok, ok, I'll stop blabbering and get right to the thick of it: What do I have planned for the Month of January? Cuz I know that is the question burning in your pocket, right?


This month I am focusing on FINALLY busting my scrap stash. Maybe not fully, but I am at least trying to make some sort of sizeable dent in it. 

Every year I *say* I am going to cut my scrap stash down, and I get no further than looking at it and throwing up my hands at the impossibility of the task.

But not this year....

I am already making progress and seeing it slowly dwindle and it's spurring me on to do even more! Some of the projects include the obvious, like using knit pieces for undies or even more pouf pillows as Nodame seems to really love those.

But I have some other projects that are a bit more adventurous while also being functional for the home.

I also plan to tackle my ever growing "To Mend" pile. Honestly, I am simply tired of looking at the overflowing bag filled with perfectly usable items that simply have a missing button or a small tear that could easily be repaired. I plan to clear out my queue of mending projects to make room in my studio (and brain) for more of the fun things I want to take on!

Lastly, I will also begin the loooonnngggg process of De-stashing my current fabric and patterns. Again, because I was unintentional for half of last year, I really let these two areas of my studio pile up. I have loads of great patterns and fabrics that I think are wonderful, but I just don't see myself utilizing anytime soon, or even in the near future. I'd much rather pass those along to other awesome sewists who might actually enjoy them.

Oh, and as a bonus, if I somehow manage to magically gain time, I plan to start tackling my winter wardrobe. I know, it's already January and seems a *tad* late to be contemplating cool weather wear. However, our winter's seem to come late and stick around until March or April, so I think I will still get good use from the few projects I have dancing around in my brain.

So now that I have told you all about my plans, I want to hear yours! Is there anything you are super excited to tackle in the first few months of the year, or even just get started on this month?

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