Matilda Wrap Dress Sewalong Part 3- Attaching the Pockets and Finishing Up

Oh my gosh we are on the final day of the Matilda Wrap Dress Sewalong! I literally cannot wait to see what your dress looks like! It's my absolute favorite part of sewing, next to the actual sewing bit.  Are you ready? Let's get started!


With right sides together, attach your pockets to each skirt side seam. Press your finished seams towards the pockets.


With right sides together, attach your skirt front pieces to your skirt back. Sew them together making sure to sew around your pockets, and not accidentally sewing your pockets closed (as I have done in the past).

Press your pockets towards the front skirt. Baste the top edge of your pockets in place.

Before we attach our skirts to our bodice, we need to finish the front edge of your skirt opening. Simply press the edges of your front skirt openings 1/2" / 1.3 cm back and sew into place. This is another bit where you can pull out your double needle!

Oh my gosh, can you feel it? We are nearly there! Only two more seams to go :D

With right sides together, pin your skirt to your waist band, matching notches. Sew together.

Press the edge of your entire skirt hem 5/8" / 1.5 cm up and sew into place.

Are you as excited as I am to try on your dress?! You are done! Time to do the #handmadehustle and run around the house twirling and releasing all that excited energy! High fives all around!


I hope you all enjoyed sewing up your holiday wrap dress. I am excited to see how each of you styles your own in the upcoming weeks!
Feel free to tag me @untitledthoughts on Instagram with your makes or use #UTMatilda. And be sure to check back for more sewalong for the other two views of the Matilda as well as some fun pattern hacks I have planned!



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