Matilda Wrap Dress Sewalong Part 2- Attaching the Waistband & Tie

Welcome to Day 2 of the Matilda Wrap Dress Sewalong! Have you got your favorite beverage and snack near you? I'm here with a cafe au lait - my favorite drink that always gets me excited about sewing- so let's get started!


We are going to do one side of the waistband at a time since we need to create a small opening for our tie to eventually thread through.

Starting on the RIGHT SIDE of your waistband, put the right sides of your front and back waistband pieces together and sew.

On the LEFT SIDE of your waistband, put the right sides of your front and back waistband pieces together, leaving the space between your notches unsewn. This is the hole that our waist tie will eventually thread through to close our dress.

Press your seams open. Stitch a small box around your opening to help hold those loose seams in place.

Let's attach your waistband to your bodice! Pin your newly sewn waistband to your bodice matching the CF and CB notches. You should have a bit of extra fabric at the bodice front and that's perfectly OK! Sew your seam into place using a zig-zag stitch.

Press the top edge of the excess waistband down 3/8" / 1 cm. Sew into place. Set your bodice to the side. Now is a good time to take a quick stretch break if you need before we dive into sewing the waist tie!

With right sides together, fold your waist tie pieces in half following the fold line. Stitch together at one short end and down the entire length of your tie.

Turn out your tie. It should be really easy to push your tie through with a chopstick or even your fingers since your fabric is really stretchy! Press.

Pin your finished waist ties to the edge of your waistband, leaving about 3/8" / 1 cm of space at the bottom of your waistband so that you can easily attach your skirt tomorrow!

Press your finished edge towards the inside of your waist band and sew it into place using a straight stitch.


Woot! We are getting so far along our Matilda Dress! Tomorrow we will tackle sewing the pockets, finishing the skirt, and putting it all together with the bodice. Eepp! We are nearly to the end!

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