Louise Wrap Dress Sewalong

Happy Holidays everyone! I am super stoked to be offering this new, killer wrap dress pattern to you all! It is the perfect simple, sew for your upcoming holiday parties! I decided to make mine in a cozy, knit velvet, but I could totally see this design being made up in a cuddly fleece, sparkly stretch sequin, or even a winter print!


    1.5 to 2 Yards Knit with at least 20% stretch
    Sewing Machine
    Iron + Ironing Board
    Ironing Ham
    Towel (For Velvet)
    Safety Pin or Strap Turner
    Pattern (Download HERE)


Before You Start!

There are a few things I'd like to note before you jump in to your project!

1) If you are working with Velvet, it is really important that when you iron you don't accidentally crush the pile of your velvet. To avoid crushing the pile (or adding unwanted shiny iron marks to it), Always put a towel between the plush surface and the iron or ironing board.

2) For all straight stitches, I suggest setting your stitch length to 3.0.

3) For all Zig Zag Stitches, I suggest setting your stitch width to 2.5 and stitch length to 3.5. Also, feel free to test different stitch width/length options for your knit as every knit reacts differently!

4) The Seam allowance for this pattern is 3/8"/ 1 cm unless otherwise noted!


Let's Get Started!

1) Sew your front bodice darts by matching up the notches and sewing to a tapered point at the end of your triangle. Do not back tack at your end point.

2) Tie off the ends of your threads at the dart point and press darts downwards.

3) Sew your waist tie and straps by folding them in half and stitching 3/8”/ 1 cm from the raw edge. Trim.

4) Turn using a safety pin or strap turner; Press

5) Set your straps aside and grab your waist tie pieces. You should have two!

6) Cut both of your waist tie pieces in half so that you have a total of 4 ties

7) On one end of each waist tie, fold the raw edge inward; Sew this opening shut

8) Now we are going to take two of your finished waist ties and baste them to the inner right & outer left waist at the waist tie notch

9) Attach the front bodice dress pieces to the back dress piece, matching your waist notches; Sew them together using a zig zag stitch

10) If you have a serger, feel free to finish off the entire perimeter of your dress, including the hem! If you don't have a serger, move on to step 11


11) Iron your front neckline & opening and back edge 5/8" / 1.5 cm down; Pin in place

12) Sew in place using a zig zag stitch

13) Next attach the remaining two waist ties to the opening waist line of your dress. Stitch in place using either a zig zag OR a straight stitch

14) Now it is time to pin your straps in place and try on your dress! Pin your straps with one end at the top bodice point and the other at the strap notch on your back dress piece. You can cross the straps in the back if you would like or keep them straight-it's totally up to you!

15) Try on your dress and adjust the straps as you feel necessary

16) Take off your dress and sew your straps into place using zig zag OR a straight stitch

17) Last but not least, let's hem your dress! Press the hem up 1" and sew in place using a zig zag stitch or a row of straight stitches

18) Yay! You can now enjoy your very own Louise Wrap Dress!

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  • Hi Ray!

    I believe the strap turns out to be about 1" wide in the end!

    • Brittani
  • What is the width of your straps?

    • Ray