Traveling with an Eco-Mind Set

As many of you know, last week, I traveled with my partner and his brother to Pensacola, Florida. This was the first bit of traveling I have done in a long while, and I wanted to be as Eco-conscious as possible while setting out for this trip. I also wanted an excuse to share with you all my personal favorite sustainable personal care products including what I think these brands are doing right and what I wish they could do to become even more sustainable. 

Before I left, I contacted a local artisan in my town for some all-natural, organic sunscreen. Since I contacted him a tad late, I wound up purchasing a backup sunscreen, just in case I didn't hear back from my first contact. 

In the end, I wound up receiving sunscreen from both parties, and I am so glad I purchased additional sunscreen because with three people, we were in desperate need! Here's what I thought:


 P.T. Pure All-Natural Sunscreen Stick

Originally, I was super stoked about getting this Sunscreen Stick in the mail! I really loved the packaging as it is made from paperboard which can be composted. Whenever I am deciding what products to purchase for myself, the packaging plays just as big a role as the actual ingredients. Ideally, I want as little packaging as possible and when packaging is required, I want it to be as sustainable as possible.

I also really loved the idea of spreading sunscreen on myself without having to touch it with my hands- it seemed like it would be a really great option to getting full coverage. However, once I actually received the sunscreen stick and put it to use, I realized that it was more difficult to use that the traditional lather. I had trouble applying even pressure to maximize the sunscreen application across my body, so some areas of my skin felt as if they were missing that protection.

Plus, I felt I used the stick much faster than the second sunscreen, even though both were 2 oz. 

On a side note, I did wind up purchasing two other product samples from PT Pure at the same time (to help cut back on shipping multiple packages) , one of which was an after-sun care lotion. Let me tell you, I am in LOVE with their after sun care lotion! I burn super easily and wound up getting a nice little lobster tan while in FL. This puppy saved me and the guys' after we returned home from our days in the sun.



P.T. Pure Organic After Sun Soothe Butter

I am disappointed that the Butter came in a plastic container, however, I only ordered the sample size and it looks like on the P.T. Pure site, their normal size butter does come in a glass container with a plastic lid.

Why do I prefer glass over plastic in packaging?

Although glass have a larger carbon footprint because of it's weight in transportation, glass can be not only recycled over and over again without being downgraded (like most plastics), but it also isn't petroleum based like plastics. Plus, you can reuse most glass in your home in a variety of ways without fear that it will leak negative gases or compounds into your drinking water or home. 

I haven't had a chance to use their sample makeup removed, but I am excited to try it out! I personally have super sensitive skin and I try very hard not to put any chemicals that would cause any kind of irritation. This means that all the products I used last week passed the test as I didn't break out in anything while using them: YAY!



Wildly Zen is a new, local brand that I was recently introduced to through my days at  Indie South. After trying some of their hand salve that Christy gave me as a gift, I was hooked! I knew that I wanted to try more products from this local husband-wife team. I believe I was the first to try out a batch of their sunscreen (as well as a lip balm that they gifted to me) and I must say, I LOVED their version! I also think my partner preferred Wildly Zen's lotion over P.T. Pure's primarily because of how much the application process reminded us both of traditional sunscreen.

It went one without an issue and it smelled heavenly! Plus, it was much easier to apply the right amount all over our bodies without missing any spots because of their container choice. Although I enjoy P.T. Pure's decomposing container, I can actually find a lot of uses for Wildly Zen's aluminum container, such as holding bar soaps in my shower or even loose beads in the studio. And because I know this was their first sample (and I chatted at length with Christy + Shawn) their packaging game IS strong- I promise! I loved the cute, hand drawn touches of my personal sunscreen and how incredibly transparent and enthusiastic this duo seems to be in regards to their products.

I must say that although I got burned, I do not believe it was because the products I used were inferior. I am prone to burning no matter what sunscreen I put on- I once even got sun poisoning in Costa Rica even after lathering my body in traditional sunscreen!



Moroccan Magic Lipbalm

*Full disclosure, I don't like rose scented items in general, so I never used my rose lip balm. However, the other scents were amazing with Lemon Thyme being my favorite*

So, before my trip, I was gifted this set of lip balms by Moroccan Magic. Originally, I was going to review them for a Mother's Day blog post, but they sadly arrived the Monday right after Mother's Day. Instead, I brought them along for my trip!

let me preface this by saying, I generally hate lip balms of all kinds. They are always sticky and I never feel as if they quench my dry lips when I am in the most need. That being said... I FREAKING LOVED THESE! Along with the Wildly Zen lip balm, both of these companies have knocked lip balms out the park!

My lips felt soft and hydrated the entire time I was in FL, and never sticky! Plus, I'd only use maybe one swipe of the balm and it would last the entire day. All of them were great. The only thing I didn't like was the excess packaging products provided by Moroccan Magic- they kept their outer wrapping small, using only a bubble wrapped envelope. However, they had a ton of coated paper promotional materials inside the container that I wasn't thrilled about. Less is more for me! If they ha just sent the balms with the handwritten note (super cute touch guys <3) it would have been perfection.



Fat & The Moon Deodorant Cream

Guys, I am going t get really real with you all. I smell. Like, all the time. For as long as I have known I have been a pretty smelly girl. My underarms just sweat... a lot. And wanting to lead an all-natural, organic life has been tough in the category of finding deodorants that actually WORK. Heck, finding a men's deodorant to work on me has been a challenge!

I've tried it all- the Lush Bars... Tom's... none of it has helped. As my mom has put it, I tend to smell like a woodland creature who has just run around the forest and rolled in the mud.

Those days are long gone now! I swear, this deodorant cream is a godsend! I purchased mine here in Athens at the Indie South Shop, but you can buy these babies online as well! I do still have to apply at least twice a day to stay at the epitome of fresh, especially now that it is summer, but this cream is heavenly! If you are a girl like me who smells a little too free-spirited, check them out- I think you will love 'em! Plus, how cute is their glass container? Perfect for storing little sewing notions in!



Shea Moisture Shampoo

Hello Toothpaste

Ok, so once we arrived at our AirBnB, I realized that none of us had brought any shampoo and, as much as it pains me to say, the only option we had for shopping was Wal-Mart (EEK!) I try to avoid Wal-mart as much as possible because it is the opposite of what I believe in in regards to supporting local, small production businesses.

However, sometimes it happens and you have to make a purchase someplace you aren't happy with. When this happens, I simply take my principles into whatever shop I can find and attempt to make the most eco-friendly choice possible with the options I am presented. Luckily, Wal-Mart has jumped on the eco-bandwagon, so I had a few choices and wound up purchasing the shampoo pictured above.

Let me say, I actually really love the product! It has a lot of ingredients that I can't pronounce (but hey, so does Lush), but it also doesn't have any ingredients that I am opposed to, which is great! Plus, my hair is in heaven since the beach trip. I have really thick, curly hair which hates being told what to do. I have been through several different rounds of LUSH products, all which have failed to help tame the beast. Most either weigh it down or dry it right out. Did i mention the company is all-natural + organic and donates 10% of its proceeds to women run businesses.Yay to happy accidents!

As for the toothpaste- this is a new product I found at our local Kroger store. I had just run out of my toothy tabs from LUSH and I wasn't able to order new ones (plus I am a little sad that they switched to plastic packaging- I preferred their cardboard packaging). I am loving the switch so far! This toothpaste by hello tastes like the sugar coating of a tic tac, but without all the negative sugar side effects! The tube is plastic, but it's BPA free and it doesn't seem to be lined in aluminum like traditional toothpaste containers meaning it can be recycled much easier!



Nou Nou Hair Conditioner

Ladies... This conditioner is the best! For the longest time, I stayed away from conditioner as I thought it was wasteful and unnecessary. However, after years of endless knots and long nights of my partner watching me tear at my hair after showering I decided to give this product a whirl per my stylist friend's suggestion.

The price seemed a bit steep at the time ($30 for the container above), but I was willing to try anything to help my hair from falling apart. This was the best purchase of my adult life. I don't think I have seen a single knot since using this conditioner, and I don't even need to use much that often! I generally use two fingers worth on the ends of my hair every 2-3 days and it works like a freaking charm. This baby is going to last me a long time and then the container will grow small plants in its next life!

Plus, I researched the brand a little more, and I found that they actually use tomato as an ingredient as part of the Slow Food Presidia. I just love seeing brands committing to sustainability!



Thanks so much for coming along with me in my travels! I really enjoyed my time spent on the beach all the more so knowing that I was doing my best to keep pollution and toxic chemicals out of the water.I did wind up accidentally leaving my reusable metal straw i purchased from local shop Coco+Mischa at a restaurant which made me sad, but hopefully our waitress took it home for herself considering she mentioned that she had one as well!


For those who made it through to the end, here is a sneak peek of our upcoming Super Chill Collection- Enjoy! All Jewelry provided by CANNED GOODS.

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