Thrifted Halloween Costumes

Beware the forests in the bayous in Louisiana for that’s where witches and voodoo queens lurk about. They bubble potions and cast spells. They even may wake the dead, I do fear to tell. Beware those forests where dark souls dwell.

BOO! Hahaha! Were you terrified of our Halloween costumes? Don’t you think they are so cute? You want to know something even better? These costumes were 100% thrifted! It really is amazing what you can put together from clothing items you find at a thrift shop. When my friend (and photographer) Caleb had come to me saying he wanted to do a Halloween shoot, I knew exactly what the theme should be. A couple of months before the shoot, I had gone thrifting with my boyfriend. I had picked out a black dress and matching black ankle boots (I wanted to bring out my dark rocker style) and thought this could double perfectly as a witchy outfit for the shoot.

When I pitched the idea for a witch in the woods shoot, Caleb immediately jumped on it and made the concept even better. He had the idea to do another photoshoot with a dead bride as his subject, so he recruited one of his good friends Dani to become the corpse. They had gone to the nearest goodwill and scoured through the racks to find just the right dress.

Once Caleb and Dani found a dress, he got to work on turning it into the perfect attire for a recently departed bride. He took a handheld blowtorch to burn edges and holes into the dress to give it a ripped and decaying look. Then he rubbed some acrylic paint throughout the dress and added some fake blood. Wah-lah! We now had a wedding dress fit for the deceased bride!

All that was left to do was to head out to the woods and rock our spooky selves with a little photoshoot. Caleb had also made some pretty amazing props such as the spell books and potion bottles out old bottles and books that he had saved instead of throwing away.

These costumes were amazingly simple and fun to put together. Want to create your own thrifted Halloween costumes? Here are some tips:

  1. Come up with a clear costume idea
  2. Determine what details are most important to your costume and what things you might already have. Ex. If you want to be a hippie, all you need is a brown suede dress and a flower crown.
  3. Raid the racks! Go to your local thrift stores or even garage sales to see what you can find. Some thrift shops even put together costume ideas from  items they happen to have in store.
  4. Find your inspiration in the racks! If you aren't sure what you want to be for Halloween, you can find your inspiration along the way and pull together a fun look on the fly. Ex. If you happen to find an old frilly dress, try painting your face to look like a creepy doll, like Annabelle.

Halloween is a super fun holiday and by thrifting your costume you can make it a more sustainable one as well!

I just want to take a moment to thank my friend Caleb at Lefthand Photography for coming up with the ideas for this photoshoot as well as Dani for being our deceased bride. We can’t wait to see what thrifted costume ideas you all come up with! So, don’t forget to share them with us on Instagram at @untitledthoughts or @thenerdywolfgirl or on our Facebook page Eco-Thoughts Community.  Have a terrifying, but safe Halloween everyone!

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