DIY: Transform Leftover Tiles into Wall Art

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Welcome to another fun and friendly DIY! Before we start, I just wanted to take a quick moment to introduce myself  because, as you will notice, I am not the amazing founder of Untitled Thoughts, Brittani. Though, I am her equally amazing cousin & newest blogger on the site, Taylor! I used to work on the Eco-Thoughts Blog as a write last year until unforeseen circumstances prevented me from being able to continue. Now I am back and ready to share how I try to make my life eco-friendlier. I can’t wait to share my challenges, recipes, tips, thoughts, and, of course, DIY’s with you all!

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Recently, my family and I moved into a bigger home and renovated! It was quite exciting to have a bigger place after living in a cramped trailer with seven people! Yup, you read that correctly: Seven people. Let me tell you, it was craziness!

Since we have moved and gotten somewhat settled into the new home, I noticed something-- We had a bunch of leftover floor tiles sitting in the backyard waiting to be thrown away. I mean they were still great pieces and throwing them away seemed like such a waste! So, I thought for a moment of what I could do with these perfectly acceptable tiles and came up with an amazing solution.

We have all seen those Pinterest Posts that show you how to DIY a set of coasters out of sample tile pieces, but the pieces I had were too large, and I wanted to make something different. So I thought, "Why not upcycle these tiles to make home decor plaques?"  I did a little research to see what paints and materials I would need that would work properly on the type of tile I was using (Yes, there are diverse types who knew?). The type of tile I was working with in this DIY was porcelain, but from what I can gather, this DIY will work on most types of tile (glossy tiles may not work as well for this process). I always suggest researching your particular materials, just in case!

Now, let’s get crafty!


+ Tiles (Mine were Porcelain)

+ Chalkboard Paint* in Black

+ Paint brushes (I used sponge brushes, but regular ones are also fine)

+ White paint *(I used an acrylic that dries to look like chalk for the designs)

+ Stencils* (optional; I really like using Folk Art Brand items!)

*Check out Brittani's Eco-Friendly Material Options Below if you are looking to really make your project sustainable!*

Step 1:

Since the tiles I had were sitting outside for a while, I gave each of them a little wash & towel dried them. After I was sure they were 100% dry, I began applying the first coat of chalkboard paint. I used sponge brushes to minimize having brush strokes show up, but if you don't mind brush strokes or are looking for a more eco-friendly option, check out some of the brushes Brittani recommends below.

It rained the day I wanted to complete this DIY, so here is my makeshift work space indoors!

Step 2:

Let the first coat dry for 40 minutes to an hour to allow the paint to fully set.


Step 3:

Here is where I did things my own way. The brand of chalkboard paint I used said to let the second coat set for 24 hours after applying, but I figured this meant to allow the paint to dry BEFORE using chalk on it. Since I was planning on adding permanent designs to my boards as well (Before ever using chalk) I only let the second coat dry for another hour before continuing onto step four!

Step 4:

After letting the boards dry for an hour, I started adding permanent designs to them in a contrast white paint. Some I free handed while others I used stencils on. For the ones I free handed, I lightly drew out what I wanted to paint with a white color pencil and then slowly painted over it.

Step 5:

Let all the paint set for 24 hours, then sit back and admire your work!


For my boards, I wanted them to be multi-functional as both art pieces and usable chalkboards! These were so fun and easy to create and came out gorgeously.Some of them I even decided to put aside and use as Christmas presents! I know how much my family appreciates handmade gifts, and it’s never too early to start getting ready for the holidays, right?

I really hope y'all have enjoyed this DIY. Feel free to tag us (@untitledthoughts on IG) in your upcycled chalk creations. Or share them in our new Facebook page dedicated to living a more sustainable life (without going broke!): Eco-Thoughts Community. Here, you can see all the fun tips, tricks, and finds we share and you can also share some of yours with us!  We would love to see what you come up with!



Brittani's Eco-Picks

Here are some items I would try out if you are trying to be as sustainable as possible! Of course, I always suggest using the items you have in your house first before purchasing new!

Eco-Friendly Acrylic Paint*

Eco-Friendly Mineral based Paint

Eco-Friendly Brush Set *

I did not find any options for eco-friendly, chalkboard paints that were also multi-functional. However, there was one brand of eco-friendly, non-toxic chalk paint I found that gave the appearance of a chalkboard finish if you are looking to simply make a beautiful wall piece. You can find that paint here*!





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  • Cute project! I haven’t seen a lot of upcycle projects for tiles so this is great. Also love that you included Brittani’s Eco-Picks! ✌♻☺

    • Kayla