15+ Collections to Add to your Bullet Journal

After a few months of working with my first Bullet Journal, I realized that it wasn't quite suited to my needs. I was finding it tedious to open and fill out its pages instead of fun and energizing.

Right around the time we had started to pack for our move, I decided it was time for a change. So, I grabbed an old sketchbook made from recycled papers that I had purchased while at a Barnes & Nobel sometime back and I got to work organizing my life! Check out my new and improved DIY Bullet Journal!



My index remained relatively the same, but with a slight facelift. I has a lot more fun designing the header for this page than the last one and I love referencing it when I forget where a collection might be. I hope to add color trackers for each monthly set of pages so that I can easily glance at where they might be. Especially considering I started July 2017 before I realized I had some more permanent collections I needed to add.



I keep these two spreads as little reminders. I am terrible with Passwords, so keeping everything in one central location has worked wonders for me! No more re-doing passwords because I've been locked out of my account for attempting the wrong one too often. And the Birthdays spread is just super cute!



One thing I felt was missing from my last journal was a visual representation of my debt. I know this isn't something many like to chat about in business, but I am being transparent: I have debt. The majority is from my Student Loans with small pockets of other debts I have. I am really excited to use this visual representation to continuously motivate myself to pay it down, and fast!

I also changed the layout of my month at a glance. The original wasn't inspiring and it had too much information in one place. I really like the simplicity of this layout and how I canclearly see what my major goals are for the month of July.



I am SUPER excited to have added these two collections to my bullet journal. I have a really hard time following through with my sleep patterns, mainly because my SO and I have totally different bed times & morning routines. Hopefully, by the end of this month, I will be waking up at 7 AM and falling asleep at 10-11 PM.

As for the gratitude log, I am happy to have a visual reminder of all the things I am grateful for having. Too often, I get caught up in fixating on what I don't have or the stress of day-to-day work when I should be stopping to appreciate the small things.



I think I am really in love with trackers. It's just so much fun to see a visual representation of all your goals on one page. It's a wonderful way to stay motivated when you see your progress.



Yep- Another tracker! What can I say? They are great! I like these trackers simply for the fact that it's a great way to do a quick glance at my monthly income/ outgoing cash without having to log in to a million different accounts. I even set up columns to describe whether the expense or income I am receiving is personal, freelance, or business related. Now I just need to fill her in!



I have transferred my IG & Blog schedule over from the previous journal, but this time, in a new format! I personally prefer a calendar format when looking at my monthly to-do's, so this one suits my needs rather well! Plus, it has helped me prep images in advance and fill in the gaps when I am running short of ideas.

And just for fun, I added a dream log! I tend to have really vivid dreams on the daily and I wanted a constant reminder to take note of the most prominent events that took place while I was asleep. Who knows- I might come up with a really crazy story one day from these!



It can get super hectic around our house when I am in the throws of a collection. I was struggling for the longest time on how to lessen my load in regards to cleaning and cooking, especially since my SO and I both work from home full time, and I do all the cooking ( mainly because I just love it so much!)

After a bit of digging around, I was able to put together my own collections dedicated to these two major tasks. Let me say, I am in love with both! I always always always forget what needs to be cleaned and when the last time was that I cleaned that thing behind the fridge that's starting to change colors. With this layout, I can easily keep track and check off the tasks I should be keeping up with daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly!

The meal plan layout probably needs a full two pages, but this was a fun first try! I love having everything laid out by day. It helps make prepping each meal a whole lot easier! I just need a larger page for the actual grocery list. Being that I am vegan, we need to expand the veggie section :)



I honestly just really liked the layout of these two collections. Neither has really been used yet as my next IG goal is to hit 2K followers (we are so close!) and I don't have much that I desperately want. But these both are great ways to keep track of my social media progress and gift ideas come the holidays!



I added this particular collection more as a way to stay accountable. Especially on the days where I don't understand why I need to wake up at 7:00 AM when my first and only meeting of the day might be after lunch. This general layout is designed to help keep me centered and calm and ensure that I do everything I love with each and every day I am given.



I will always need a master to-do list. This is exactly what it says: My to-do list that encompasses all upcoming projects throughout the year. Checking items off this list is the most satisfying feeling in the world!



This little collection is just a great way to stay on top of finances. It helps keep me in check for how much I need to make each month to pay my basic bills while telling me the dates each are due so that I never miss a payment!



Being that my SO and I have very different diets, a lot of the most recent dishes I have served at dinner have been new (and vegan!) This spread is dedicated to all the dishes he and I both enjoy! Once I have a large list going, we can pick and choose what we want to eat throughout the year without ever getting bored!



I found that I work best with a weekly spread that is pretty bare bones. Something that is cute but has a ton of room to write out all my daily to-do's. I kept my mini drink trackers (water, tea, coffee) and added a daily weather forecast. This has actually been super beneficial because the weather effects what I can and wish to do on any given day. When it rains, I prefer being inside in the quiet reading or working on projects that open my mind.

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What is your favorite collection in your bullet journal? Tell us about it in the comments below! Don't have a journal yet? No Problem! Tell us what you are most excited to put in your future journal!


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