DIY: Branch Coasters

Break out your power tools babes because we are about to take this DIY to the next level! Before hurricane season started, my boyfriend helped to trim some of the branches from the tree in our front yard. We did this as a precaution to make sure no large branches would fall on the house and damage it if a strong enough storm passed through. Thankfully, we have managed to get lucky, and no powerful storms have passed our way.

            We saved those branches that we trimmed to use as firewood in our fire pit my brother built in our backyard when the weather turned cooler. Although we haven’t managed to get any cool weather down here in Louisiana, yet—It still feels like summer! I thought, if we aren’t going to need these logs anytime soon, maybe I could make something out of them, giving them a new life + purpose.

            Then it hit me. How gorgeous would it be to have natural wooden coasters?! It also just so happened that one of the logs had the perfect size and shape to make some. With the assistance of my Mom, we got right in to creating some!


  • Log (The log I used was ~3 inches in diameter)
  • Table saw
  • Sandpaper
  • Wood stain (optional)
  • Varnish (I used polyurethane)


Ok, before we start, let’s not forget about safety. If there is one thing I have learned from my Paw-Paw, it is to take safety seriously. (His nickname isn’t Safety-Bob for nothing!) So, make sure you have some back up assistance from someone (I had my Mom); Wear safety googles to protect your eyes from sawdust and possible flying debris and gloves to protect your hands. (Which I did not have, but let’s not tell my Paw-Paw that. Haha)

Now, let’s get this party started!

  • Make sure your log is dry before cutting it. Using the table saw, I cut my coasters into about ½ inch pieces.
  • I removed any loose pieces of the bark and then sanded my coasters till they were nice and smooth. I also sanded the sides where the bark was removed.
  • This next part is optional. You can stain your coasters to add a little color. Unfortunately, the coasters I decided to stain came out a little darker than I initially wanted (I only stained half of them), but hey they were still functional.
  • Seal your coasters. I applied two coats of polyurethane to seal mine. This helps protect the wood from absorbing the water from the cups and mugs.


All-in-all this had to be one of my favorite DIY’s I have ever done. Hopefully I can find some more fallen branches to make more of these wonderful coasters in the future. They even make great gifts, and I will be saving some of these as Christmas presents (I can’t help but to keep a set for myself as well)! I hope you all adored this DIY as much as I did.


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