Diving into my Bullet Journal

Last week, I shared the most *awkward* video of myself, probably ever. My apologies for its choppy delivery & long pauses filled with "ums" and "likes." This week, I hope to make up for my obvious newb status at video creation by delving back into a traditional blog post- YAY!

As promised, I am going to dive a little deeper into my personal bullet journal. I've even added a few new pages that have proved to be incredibly helpful in my day-to-day, Untitled Thoughts business activities!


This page is probably the most basic, but that is one reason I love it sooooo much! I am using my year at a glance page more as a reference to see exactly how I am spending the majority of my time (and ways to prevent that pesky thing called burn-out). So far, I am doing a TERRIBLE job at taking a day off. However, I am not kicking myself about that fact simply because I have learned to schedule less hectic days for myself & fall into downtime as needed. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel: Burn out recovery is nearly here!


I haven't done much with these sections in my book. For the stats tracker, that is because April isn't over, so I have nothing to record. As for the goals page, I am just so picky about what to list as a long term goal; this page will be entirely dedicated to items I want to achieve in my lifetime, not necessarily the next 5 years or so. 

Going back to the stats tracker, I am super excited to fill this section of my journal out because I want a concrete place to view hard and fast numbers from month to month. I am sure I should have been tracking the Untitled Thoughts social media following + subscribers list since the beginning, but hey, this is all a learning experience, right? I'm just stoked that anyone digs what our brand has to offer!



This section is pretty self-explanatory and is probably the most life-saving  set of pages I have ever created! Since I am so forgetful coupled with my never ending hectic life + schedule, these four-pages are my saving grace. I especially LOVE my passwords page-- as does my BF since I am constantly distressed over having forgotten my passwords every single day of my life.

On my collab + giveaways page, I simply keep track which items are currently on loan so I don't have a mini heart attack thinking I've lost anything in the studio's fabric abyss. Plus, I keep track of the retail price of each item put up for a giveaway (tax purposes) and whether the items out for a collab have been returned. 


I really love my habit tracker for the same reason I dig my year at a glance section: It shows me-- in the most colorful of terms-- how I am doing in my life. After playing with it for two weeks, I have already noticed a few tweaks I want to make on the categories I am currently tracking. One of the categories to be added with be a tracker for my habit tracker, haha! I seem to struggle in actually filling in this page on a regular basis.


I went in to the most depth in last week's video in regards to the following pages: 

  • Monthly Master Plan
  • Week at a Glance
  • Blog Ideas
  • Daily Tasks
  • No Spending Tracker
  • Weekly Breakdown
  • Master To-Do

So, I will leave you all with some cool images of my layout and some recent tasks I've completed without boring you with the same info again! 

All of these pages play really well off of each other, and I have found that having all of this info placed in one book has improved my daily to-do. Especially since before I began Bullet Journaling, whenever I set out to write my weekly to-do list, my brain would empty itself and I'd freeze.


This is something I skipped in last week's video. Entitled Brain Dump, I have found this page to be incredibly helpful in organizing tasks that I find floating around in my brain that don't quite fit anywhere else. These are tasks that I don't feel need to be scheduled into a monthly, weekly, or daily task lists. I only reference this list when I have finished my daily tasks early and am still inclined to work a little more that day!


A new collection I have added to my Bullet Journal is the IG at a Glance page. This collection is amazing because  I currently run 3 IG pages and absolutely HATED my constant off-the-cuff posting. It was so stressful! Now, once a week, I create a page for all of my accounts, and I write a quick description of what should be posted that day. 

Since you can't yet schedule in advance for IG on the app (without paying for an additional service), I keep a separate dropbox file on my phone for all of the images I plan to post the following week.

Guys.. if you do nothing else but use this page for your business, i promise you will feel the weight of 20 elephants lift from your chest. I LOVE THIS PAGE!



Lastly, I added one final collection page dubbed my Monthly $$ Tracker. Basically, this page shows me in a fun bar graph whether I have made enough money to pay my monthly expenses. I love this page because I have a TON of long term projects in the works at any given time. Most of these projects are paid out once the project is 100% complete, even if the work spans many months.

This tracker will not only help me see how much $$ I have made in any given month (and any extra I can squirrel away to my savings), but at the end of the year, I'll also have a better grasp at my slow business months and how to properly prepare for them in coming years. 


Well, that's my journal in depth! I hope it has shown you a little more into my day-today as well as potentially given you some fun ideas on how to better organize or keep track or just have a fun excuse to makes lists + then draw all over them!



Brittani B


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