Diving into my Bullet Journal

Diving into my Bullet Journal

Last week, I shared the most *awkward* video of myself, probably ever. My apologies for its choppy delivery & long pauses filled with "ums" and "likes." This week, I hope to make up for my obvious newb status at video creation by delving back into a traditional blog post- YAY!

As promised, I am going to dive a little deeper into my personal bullet journal. I've even added a few new pages that have proved to be incredibly helpful in my day-to-day, Untitled Thoughts business activities!


A Camping We Will Go!

The leaves are changing to brilliant hues of orange and red, the weather is wonderfully crisp and cool, and do you know what that means my Eco-Beauties? It means it's time to go camping! What better way to enjoy the wonders of fall then by staying in the “hotel” we call nature?! There are so many things that you can do, including building toasty campfires (and subsequently making s'mores by that fire), gazing up at the billions of stars in the night sky, and hiking through the mysterious yet alluring woods. All that adventure packed into...