Part 3 - Pleated Front - Front Pant Assembly (Faux Zipper)

Alright, we've accomplished some major things so far including prepping your pants AND attaching your pockets to both the left and right sides. I hope you tooted your own horn just a bit!

Today, we are going to be a bit more relaxed and focus on assembling the front pant. There are a few steps, but each is relatively simple!

12) With RST, pin your pant front crotch along the faux zip edge and the crotch curve.

13) Before you sew, we are going to mark our CF line as well as our 1/2” (1.3 cm) seam allowance under neath the crotch curve. This will be our sewing line!


13a) Following your newly marked line, sew your pant pieces together. You will want to try to catch your pocket bag here. Finish your seam, making sure to go around the faux zipper curve.

14) Press your faux zip opening and crotch curve seam allowance towards the left; Pin in place.


Using a tailors ham would make pressing the crotch curve so much easier!


*Please note that I accidentally marked my pocket bags incorrectly, so my faux fly is facing toward the wearer's right side, when it should be facing towards the left!*

15) Flip your entire project over so that the right side of your pants is now facing you. Using your faux fly pattern piece, mark your faux placket line.

15a) Topstitch along your faux placket line, making sure to catch your faux fly as well as your pocket bag.


Sew a second line 1/4” (0.6 cm) next to your first sew of topstitching. Make sure that you are sewing towards the inside of your original topstitiching.

16) Topstitch along the crotch edge from the top of the waist through to the bottom of the crotch.


That wasn't too bad, right? Next up, we are going to tackle Part 4 - Front Waistband which has a few more steps and a little bit of trickiness baked right in. Feel free to take a break before diving in, and be sure to grab a nice snack to take with you for the ride!

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