Sleeved Amelie Sewalong - Part 6 - Attaching the Pockets & Plackets

Yesterday, we started putting our skirt together and even tackled gathering it. Today, we are going to put the finishing touches on that skirt before attaching it to our bodice top tomorrow!

Let's get started with putting our plackets on to the center back of our skirt- I'll see you on page 41 of your instruction booklet!


39) With right sides together, attach non-interfaced placket to the CB (center back) skirt.

Iron that seam towards the CB.

40) Iron one of the long sides of each interfaced placket in by 1/2” / 1.3 cm.

41) With right sides together, pin interfaced placket to non- interfaced placket along long edge and bottom seam.

42) Sew along the long edge using a 1/2” / 1.3 cm seam allowance & bottom hem using a 1” / 2.5 cm seam allowance, making sure to catch the seam allowance on both plackets near the bottom.

43) Trim corners and grade your seams.

With the placket hem seam, I like to cut out a little rectangle to reduce the bulk at that bottom edge. This also helps when we go to hem our skirt at the end of the project!


44) Turn your plackets to the right side & press.

45) Pin your ironed, interfaced placket piece to the non interfaced seam allowance, making sure to catch both inside your placket.

At this time, I also go ahead and turn up the skirt hem 1/2" / 1.3 cm twice, but only a few inches past the placket edge. This way, when I topstitch my placket down, the hem is neatly in place and ready to be finished off!

46) Topstitch around your entire placket.

46A) Repeat steps 39-46 for the other side of your skirt.

For this Sewalong, we are going to skip steps 47-50 until tomorrow and head straight into assembling our pockets. If you wish to add your pockets AFTER your skirt is attached to your bodice, feel free to jump to tomorrow's sewalong once you have completed step 55.



51) With the wrong side facing you, turn top of pocket down 1/2” / 1.3 cm using notches as your guide & iron down.

I put a "W" on the wrong side of my fabric in chalk since it was hard for me to tell the right from wrong sides.


52) Flip your pocket over to the right side & turn the ironed edge of your pocket down 1” /2.6 cm using notches as your guide.

Sew along your side seams.

53) Clip your corners and flip your pocket right side out; press.

54) Toptstitch the top edge of your pocket. You'll want to make sure that you catch your pocket side seam allowance in that topstitch, otherwise it'll be difficult to get those pieces to lie flat later.

55) Iron the sides and bottom of your pocket in 1/2”/ 1.3 cm.


After ironing your pocket sides & bottom, clip out the little square bits. This will help your pocket lay a bit flatter and hide all your raw edges

56) Place pocket on your dress skirt matching the top edges to the markings on the front skirt. (I used saftey pins to mark my pocket placement)

57) Topstitch along edges into place; If you want extra security on your pocket, try sewing a tiny trinagle at the top of the pocket point (this is where a lot of stress happens when you place your hands in your pockets).


YES! What a great way to end the day! We have completed all the items necessary for our skirt, so once we have it attached to the bodice tomorrow, we can just jump right on in to finishing all the little details!


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