Sleeved Amelie Sewalong - Part 8 - Finishing Details

Oh my goodness, the last day of our sewalong has finally arrived! Today, we will be putting on all the finishing touches of  our Amelie- who else is super excited?


We've only got a few more steps left, but each is a bit time-consuming, so grab your favorite drink and a handful of snacks and let's get started!


58) Try on your dress (eep you are almost there!) and pin along the markings for the buttonholes. You can stick with what I recommend as far as button size & placement go, or you can switch it up and add more or less!

I like using pins to mark my button hole placement mainly because it is the least time consuming for me. I simply place the pin at the start of my buttonhole, that way when I start sewing, I know exactly where my needle should begin and end its stitches.


Follow your sewing machine’s instructions for sewing buttonholes. Be sure to test on a swatch of the fabric you are using before sewing on your final garment.

Once your buttonholes are complete, use a button hole chisel, xacto knife, or seam ripper to carefully cut them open.

When using a seam ripper or xacto knife, I like to put a pin at the top edge of my buttonhole- that way, if my hand slips, I don’t accidentally ruin my beautiful new button hole. Something I have done more often than I care to admit!

59) Sew on buttons. I like to mark my button holes by laying the button hole piece over the button placket then marking through them with chalk.

60) Last step- Hemming your massive skirt!Because this skirt has portions of it cut on the bias, it is actually best to let your skirt hang for a few days. This allows the edges of the skirt to stretch out. Once they are stretched, you can go back and even out the skirt before hemming.

I like to do this to ensure that my skirt doesn't eventually stretch out over time, creating weird waves. After three days or so of hanging, I grab my flexible tape measure and some chalk and I take the time to go around the entire skirt, marking it evenly all the way around.

I generally start my measurements at the center front or center back of the skirt as this is the point that should be the shortest length as this is also the point that was cut least on the bias. Therefore it wouldn't have stretched out over the past few days.

Once you have leveled out your skirt hem, iron up the bottom edge of your skirt by 1/2” / 1.3 cm then another 1/2” / 1.3 cm. Sew along the edge.

And we can't forget the cherry finish, a #MeMade tag of your choice! For this dress, I chose to hand sew in a Kylie & The Machine tag for a pop of color! It also serves as a reminder that this particular make is perfectly imperfect, just like myself, and that is ok!

YAY! YOU are done! Now take a lil’ twirl and enjoy your new Amelie Dress!

Thank you all so much for sewing along with me! I would love to hear your feedback about this sewalong in the comments- this is only my second or third full-fledged sewalong, so I know there are probably places where I can improve and make it even better for you all!

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